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GUMC Leadership Retreat
GUMC Leadership Retreat
Where is God calling you? Where is God calling the church? Learn your leadership strengths. Help plan the future of GUMC. Join us in this transformative experience.
Sep 07, 2018, 6:00 PM – Sep 08, 2018, 6:00 PM
East Bay Camp,
24248 Ron Smith Memorial Hwy, Hudson, IL 61748, USA

The Schedule


4:30 PM- Leave GUMC for East Bay Camp (1 hour)

5:45 PM- Arrival Time/ Check-In/ Figure Out Rooms 

6:00 PM- East Bay Staff Welcome/ Introduce Speaker

6:00 PM- Dinner

7:00 PM- Opening Worship

7:45 PM- Break

8:00 PM- Large Group Session 1

9:30 PM- Closing Devotion/ by camp fire

10:00 PM- Bedtime



7:00 AM- Morning campfire devotion/ Prayer Centering 

7:30 AM- Breakfast & Free Time

8:00 AM- Large Group Session 2

10:30 AM- Leadership Development 

12:30 PM- Lunch

1:30 PM- Large Group Session 3

2:45 PM- Large Group Discussion

3:30 PM- Free Time/ Explore Camp

4:30 PM- GUMC Leadership Planning w/ Pastor

5:30 PM- Closing Worship & Holy Communion

Suggested Resources

(Leadership resources to make the most of the weekend)

Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment

Learn your personality type through this typological test.  What makes you tick.  What puts pressure on you.  What energizes you.  etc. 

Click the image (left) to take the test.

Strengths Finders

Learn your natural strengths for leadership.  How your strengths work and weaken goals.  How others can pick up what is heavy for your strength.  No strength is good or bad.

Click the image (left) to purchase

Church Assessment 

Help us figure out your thoughts on the state of the church.  Are we stuck, falling, growing, healing?  By the Unstuck Group.

Click the image (left) to take the test.

Spiritual Gifts

What are your spiritual gifts?  The Holy Spirit dwells within each of us.  God gives us spiritual gifts to build the body of Christ.  Do you know yours?

Click the image (left) to take the test.

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