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Faith Community Nursing 

FCN Mission

Promoting wellness, healing and wholeness of body, mind and spirit.

What We Do
FCN will strive to be a beacon of hope, a resource of encouragement, and ultimately a partner to individuals, families, and groups as they embark on the journey towards health and happiness. Nursing (often known as Parish Nursing) Ministry is defined as a unique, specialized practice of professional nursing that focuses on the promotion of holistic health within the  community of Glasford, IL.  The purpose of this ministry is to touch the entire  community with information, knowledge and skills that will raise awareness of the relationship between health and spiritual well being and to encourage each person toward an understanding that health is a gift and that each person is responsible for being a good steward of that gift.

The FCN is supported by The United Methodist Church and the OSF Healthcare group.  The FCN is insured, credentialed, and bound by HIPPA and other Medical LawsAll services are free.

What We Do- FCN

Our Services

FCN Services

Spiritual Care- Pastoral Care and Counseling

FCN incorporates spiritual care into its holistic care model.  Partnering with Pastor Ethan, the FCN provides spiritual care to individuals and family for any life situation.  The FCN are trained in spiritual care and visits.  Pastor Ethan provides confidential and free pastoral counseling to individuals, families, and communities.

  • Bible studies.

  • 2 parish nurse graduates of the OSF-FCN program.

  • Safe and non-judgmental spaces to talk.

  • Pastoral care focused for individuals, family systems, and communities.

  • Holistic spiritual practices.

  • Pastoral leadership and congregational care.

Holistic Care

The FCN will go to you.  We meet you where you are.  This ministry is designed to be a resource to our community. We can help check in on your loved ones, assist with medical inquiries, etc.  We are here for you.  The FCN has partnered with OSF for resources to get you the best care.  In addition, we provide a wide range of wholistic health models, including the use of essential oils in ones daily life.

*The FCN does not

diagnose, disperse/prescribe, or recommend medications.

Health Education

  • Facilitate, support and promote health education programs for all age groups within the church.

  • Provide current health literature.

  • Promote understanding of the relationship between lifestyle, attitude, faith and well being.

  • Assist families and individuals with medical care.

  • Ongoing blood pressure screenings.

  • Free CPR & First Aid training (Fall/Spring)

  • Initiate classes, workshops, and other teaching events to promote wellness in the community.

  • Coordinate other community agencies providing services such as flu clinics or support groups at GUMC.

OSF Partnership/Care-A-Van

GUMC partners with OSf to bring a variety of resources to the area.  One resource that we use is the OSF Care-A-Van.  This mobile unit provides communities, particularly those in rural areas, health resources.  Our goal is to bring the Van at least twice a year.  The Care-A-Van is staffed by nurses, and other higher level providers for your care. 

No appointment necessary.

100% free.

GUMC Nurses on site.

Next Van Visit: Sept. 14. 1pm -4 pm @ GUMC.

Health Advocate/Referral Agent

  • Assist individuals/families in utilizing existing community health resources.

  • Provide in home medical assistance in the scope of the FCN practice.

  • Provide assistance navigating the healthcare system.

  • Assist individuals/families in making decisions regarding their health, medical services, treatments and care facilities.

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