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Prayer Ministry
Prayer 101
Prayer is a powerful gift that God gives human beings.  As we pray, the Spirit of God prays for and with us.  Prayer is the primary way we communicate with God and how God reveals his will to us. 
Prayer is simply an intentional conversation.
"Prayer isn't about changing God's heart, it's about changing ours." (Pastor Ethan Carnes). 
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Are you a prayer warrior?  By joining the prayer team, you will be spiritual intercessory for those seeking God.  


By joining you agree to keep all prayers confidential and limited to the prayer team.  The prayer team is not a gossip team.  The prayer team is not a rumor team.  This is intended for you to gain a persons secrets. The prayer team is asked to pray for the person and situation (if known).  


Every week the team receives a call or email with the list of prayers.  If you do not receive an email or call, don't fret, one was likely not sent.  Pastor Ethan will filter the prayers based on confidentiality and prayer request.

GUMC Prayer Team

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