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Faith sharing in 4 steps

Know your story

Before you share, know why you are sharing.  How has Jesus changed your life?  Where do you see God?  What is God 'up to' in your everyday? 

Build a Relationship

No one likes cold calls.  The first step to sharing Jesus is by sharing yourself.  Build a relatinoship with who you want to reach.  Be authentic.

Be Practical

People want to know how Jesus changed your life.  Be ready to share at least 1 practical way God has changed you!


After your conversation, ask them if you can say a prayer with them.  Make sure to use their name. 

Faith Sharing Example

Context- Joe and Jan find themselves waking by each other in the store. 

"Hey Joe, how are you? (reply) What brings you out today?  (reply) Hey, do you mind if I just share something with you really quick that happened to me.  I'm just so excited I need to share.

This week I was afraid that I wouldn't have enough time to go grocery shopping, but my husband decided to take the kids out.  I know that might sound small, but it made such a difference.  Now I'm here talking to someone who I might not have seen.  I just think God works in weird ways like that.  I'm so blessed to have my kids and for a husband who is a partner. The coolest part is this.  There was a charity outside of the store selling some stuff.  I don't know if my donation made a difference, but I'ld like to think God used me to help out those people serving someone else.  

Has anything like that ever happened to you?  Where you felt so stressed, but then a breakthrough happens in your life?  I can't help but give God the credit.  So I just wanted to share how I've seen God at work in my life.  Have you seen God at work in your life recently?

(Allow time for the to share.  Listen!)  Whatever their response is it's okay!  If they say 'No I haven't seen God', you can say:

Well, I think this is an opportunity to see God.  We're giving God glory right now just talking about what he might do in your life.  I hope we can both be open to seeing God at work."

Hopefully Joe will leave with some things on his mind!  That's it! 


That's a start, a seed planted, and a God glorified.

Your 60 second faith story

(in 30 seconds be able to say)

Who you were

I was this way, but now I'm this way.

Who you are

I'm redeemed and changed by God's love for me.

How it happened

Through people praying for me. By seeing God in my past, present, and future.

Who you can be

I'm a different person because Jesus changed my life.  I want you to experience that too!

6 Steps to Prepare

Be Excited.  

You are sharing an eternal, life changing gift!  How could you not share that!  Be excited about what God is doing.  If your faith community looks like a hospital waiting room, why would they want to go?


Live in the world.

We are called to live among the people.  Jesus did it, so can we.  You can't evangelize to a non-christian if you're surrounded by just Christians.  Find the places ordinary people go!



Put yourself with people.  Serving others humbles your heart.  



Pray for those on your heart to know Jesus.  Pray for them by name.  Keep them on the heart of God and on your heart as well.  Pray.... a lot!


Know your story.

Find 1 way God showed up in your life each week.  No matter how big or small, share it!  Give God the glory!


Be Your Best.

God is likely to use someone who is in a relationship with him, rather than an acquaintance.  Grow in your faith by serving, prayer, worship, and studying the word, regularly!


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