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"Making sure no child goes hungry on the weekends."

... What would Jesus do?

Did You Know?

Over 90...
Illini Bluffs elementary students

How it works...

...of all food is donated.  Bags are packed by GUMC volunteers & distributed by Illini Bluffs Elementary staff.

Every month we collect enough food to pack 400 bags.

The Process


Kids register during normal school registration.  The program is confidential. Food allergies are accounted for.

Food collection

Every month volunteers donate from a pre-set 'grocery list' .  The list changes monthly.

(List below)

Snack Packing

Every 1st Sunday we participate in a 5 minute mission, packing bags in an assembly line. Over 400 bags are packed.

Deliver & Distribute

Every Friday GUMC volunteers take that weeks bags to the school.  Designated staff discretely distribute the snacks. 

The July-August Grocery List

1 brown snack bag= $3.00


Each brown snack bag ensures a child won't go hungry. 


Our list is on an Aldi price base, but feel free to shop how you feel led.  Remember to shop sustainably. 


The grocery list items come in packages that can be further broken down.

Thank you for your food donations & financial gifts. 

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grocery list
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